Project Description


Nanak’s Landscaping’s roots were built by Deva S. Khalsa starting in 1976. Deva went about restructuring the firm in order to bring his vision to fruition. Nanak’s Landscaping became sought after for landscape maintenance and new plant installation at high-end residential homes.

In 1982, Nanak’s Landscaping took on its first commercial account. By 1986, the company had moved to the more centrally located Pompano Beach to take advantage of the South Florida building boom. The firm grew steadily and continued to solidify its reputation for quality. With the key ingredients in place, the company was then able to provide virtually all landscape-related services as well as respond rapidly to clients’ needs. The company was being recognized as one of the largest companies locally and in the nation. Deva knew there was an opportunity to scale Nanak’s to the next level but he was also concerned with the preservation of his vision for the company.

Nanak’s Landscaping has experienced growth in revenue and operational efficiency since joining the Shinto Landscaping family in April of 2019. Most importantly, the company has maintained the integrity of its culture. They have a process to attain measurable results and strong partnerships. Employing more than 120 service personnel today, employee morale is up and the company is cultivating a spirit of pride and collaboration within its team to be a resourceful partner in protecting the beauty and health of their clients’ landscape investments.

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